Child Sling Wrap Baby Carriers


The original Baby Sling Wrap is the most versatile, comfortable, and easy-to-use baby carrier. Its design promotes face-to-face contact and allows you to see your baby at all times.

It’s a perfect way for parents to bond with their newborns while keeping their hands free.

This sling wrap is suitable for babies from birth up to 35 lbs / 16 kgs (approx 4 years old). The fabric is soft to the touch and machine washable, so it can be used over and over again.

  • Comfortably carries your baby in 5 different positions
  •  Decreases the likelihood of back or neck pain for parents
  • The perfect product for mothers wanting to breastfeed discreetly while on the go
  •  Adjusts easily, without zippers or buckles
Pudcoco Child Sling  Wrap Swaddling Kids Nursing Papoose Pouch Front Carry For Newborn Infant Baby 1
Child Sling Wrap Baby Carriers
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