How to Sight in a Rifle Scope (3 Easy Steps)

How to sight in your rifle scope with these three easy steps that will allow you to achieve a more impressive grouping. Riflescopes come in various sizes, lengths, and magnifications. each has its own unique layout fitted for shooting at the range or for day hunting.

How to sight in a rifle scope?

lens demonstration
lens demonstration

Variable power, wind, elevation, and parallax correction. Each of these 4 adjustments, when utilized properly will make for the best precision shot. And if you are like me you need all the help you can get. Also, it does give you confidence for the next time that buck is in the cross-hair.

Parallax adjustments

  • parallax adjustment knobs, also known as side focus knobs are usually included on long-range rifle scopes. Parallax is used to adjust and focus on any target at a range of distances. To adjust your parallax, the setting basically turns the parallax compensation knob in the appropriate distance or until the target and reticle are in fact in focus. This may continue to make your target and reticle sharp, it also substantially minimizes.

Elevation adjustments

  • elevation or up and down correction are often located on the top side of the scope. A standard rifle scope is equipped with 1/4 minutes of angle corrections. Be sure to make use of a zero or site in the target that accommodates 1/4 minutes of angle adjustments. When used with the appropriate target, one suggestion is, one box equals one click. Shoot three rounds downrange, and count the total number of boxes and adjust your elevation to the appropriate number of clicks.

Wind corrections

  • just like elevation adjustments and windage adjustments usually can be found in 1/4 minutes of angle corrections. By using the relevant quarter minute angle zero targets, fire three rounds downrange and adjust accordingly. Remember with most quarter minute angle targets one box translates to one click. Duplicate until three successive rounds strike the middle dot of your target.

Remember these three steps on how to sight in a rifle scope. You may be more efficient when zeroing in for the next season and can have the ability to zero lots of other scopes in little to no time.

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