Some people have asked about some of my other interests or how we do things as a family so here is a list of some of our “things” along with some favorite links for more information.

We co-sleep,  we don’t sleep train or let babies “cry it out”. we believe strict methods of scheduling, especially with infants, can be harmful. we cloth diaper, we homeschool,  we breastfeed, we believe first trying natural methods of wellness.  We believe there are many benefits to babywearing. We have had 2 natural hospital births, 1 homebirth, and 1 cesarian. Baby #5 just arrived via VBAC at home with our midwife. We LOVE our kids, we are not perfect parents and our house is usually messy. We believe in GRACE:)

Who is Frogmama anyway? Good question. Frogmama came to be from an acronymn for F.R.O.G that I came across years ago. It stands for Fully Rely On God. In my life I continually realize that God is faithful to provide if I just rely on Him. I am a stay at home mom to 5 great  children and a wife to one great husband:).

I love wearing my children and I love helping to promote bonding and attachment in other families.  A  short story-  My first child was more high needs, wanting to be held a lot. I was living in Maine, and my mom was here in California. She picked up a sling at a yard sale and sent it to me to use. I couldn’t figure it out and was about to give up on the whole babywearing thing. Another wiser, older mom at church encouraged me to keep trying saying how much she loved to use her sling with her children. She ended up bring me her old worn sling to try and it worked so much better. I decided to spend the money and get that brand that she had that worked well for me. I did and it was great.  I meet people all the time who say, ” I had a sling, but I couldn’t figure it out” or I wish I could try out a couple carriers and find what is right for me”  That is the main reason I started to sell them was to help local moms with babywearing, and things have gone from there.

I am sure you will agree, these are great carriers and worth every penny!!

Feel free to email me with any questions about babywearing or suggestions for the site. Thanks!